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My life changed forever when…


I can’t name just one event that changed the way I eat, so I’ll start with the first.  In college, I worked at Dairy Queen.  After a few months, I started feeling awful every time I worked.  I felt sick in general, but always the worst when I was at work, specifically after my break.  When my boss found me curled up under the cash register, holding my stomach and crying for the third time in a week, she let me off of my shift early, but demanded I go across the street to a walk-in clinic.

This was the fastest doctor’s appointment I have ever had.  I described my symptoms, and after a few seconds, the doctor asked what I had eaten.  A hamburger and an ice cream sundae.  Had I eaten this each day I experienced the symptoms?  Yes, of course– what else will I eat when I work at Dairy Queen?  So I had my answer, easy as that.  I was lactose intolerant.  Buy some Lactaid pills and switch to Lactaid milk.  And ease up on the ice cream.

At the time, it felt like a big change, but I look back now and think how easy my food issues were to manage.  If only I had known what more was in store, I would have appreciated my food so much more!


Do you have more than one allergy or intolerance?  What was the first food you cut from your diet?  What changed your food life forever?


6 thoughts on “My life changed forever when…

  1. What changed my food life forever was when my first son Remmy was born in 2009. He was the most colicky baby and poor thing was always spitting up & never slept. A girlfriend of mine who had been off dairy due to allergies, suggested I tried her dairy free breastmilk just to see if it made a difference. If I didn’t I’d have to go off dairy (not the easiest thing in the world), wait several weeks so the dairy would completely leave my system & then see if dairy even made a difference (could have been a huge waste of my time & effort). I have to admit I was really leery at first giving my child someone else’s milk but her & I had our babies a week apart & we both donated our extra milk to our birth center so we knew it was safe. I probably stared at that bag in my freezer for days until I finally broke down & tried it. It wasn’t easy but the results were clear. My little 3 month old baby finally slept & we were shocked. It was like night & day. That’s what changed the next year of my life forever.

    Three years later, I find myself in the same predicament. My second son Emmett was born in May & he turned 4 months old this week. Here I am yet again finding myself with a baby who is cranky, has eczema, won’t nap for more than 30-45 minutes at a time (if he does sleep), wakes every 2-3 hours at night. His symptoms are not as extreme as with the first but Mommy knows it’s time to go off the dairy for both our sakes.

    • You don’t have to be secretive about me sharing my breast milk– I plan on writing about it in the future because there are so many other mommies like you who need to limit their diets for their infant’s allergies rather than their own. I am so glad we were able to figure out what was making Remmy sick and get a definitive answer so quickly. Poor Emmett though. I’ll have to post some recipes soon to give you some new options to change up your renewed dairy-free diet.

      • I have only been off dairy for two days and he slept 12 hours last night & only woke me up once to eat. That’s compared to the every 2-3 hour feedings last week, & OH he actually napped for 2 whole hours yesterday… amazing.

      • Yay!! Nothing like a sleeping, happy baby!

      • 2 nights in a row now! Do you think it was the dairy that had an affect on him that quickly? I know it takes a while for it to leave my system.

      • It could. It takes a while to leave the system completely, but that’s only traces– the majority leaves pretty quick. Remmy was super sensitive, but maybe Emmett can handle traces of dairy okay. Some moms can still eat trace amounts of dairy and their babies are okay. Remmy needed you to be 100% dairy free– Emmett might not. I would still try to go completely dairy free for at least a month, then once you know what his healthy normal behavior is, you could try cheating occasionally and see how he responds. If you see a difference, then stop eating it completely, but if he stays happy and keeps sleeping well, you might have a little wiggle room for foods with dairy in that 2% and under ingredient listing.
        I’m so happy for you that he’s improving so quickly– it must make you feel great!

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