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My life changed forever when…

I can’t name just one event that changed the way I eat, so I’ll start with the first.  In college, I worked at Dairy Queen.  After a few months, I started feeling awful every time I worked.  I felt sick in general, but always the worst when I was at work, specifically after my break.  When my boss found me curled up under the cash register, holding my stomach and crying for the third time in a week, she let me off of my shift early, but demanded I go across the street to a walk-in clinic.

This was the fastest doctor’s appointment I have ever had.  I described my symptoms, and after a few seconds, the doctor asked what I had eaten.  A hamburger and an ice cream sundae.  Had I eaten this each day I experienced the symptoms?  Yes, of course– what else will I eat when I work at Dairy Queen?  So I had my answer, easy as that.  I was lactose intolerant.  Buy some Lactaid pills and switch to Lactaid milk.  And ease up on the ice cream.

At the time, it felt like a big change, but I look back now and think how easy my food issues were to manage.  If only I had known what more was in store, I would have appreciated my food so much more!


Do you have more than one allergy or intolerance?  What was the first food you cut from your diet?  What changed your food life forever?